Her name means carnation and like the name she’s a blooming flower. Powerful and sensitive at the same time. She breathes in the 00’s, but feels like the 60’s. Definitely a muse in a Beatles song. Garyfalia is excited about vintage aesthetics and seeks beauty in everything. Studies aesthetic and cosmetology at UNIWA, loves doing make-up and currently exploring her hidden talent in drawing. She used to be a member of a theatrical group, portraying roles, now she performs in front of camera lenses. Modeling in Fashion Photoshoots, passionates her, they act as a motive to express herself freely and discover, embody other selves too. When she isn’t being photographed, you’ll find her wandering in the city with a book in her hand or by the sea, where she finds peace and harmony.


SHOE SIZE: 35-36 HEIGHT: 1.60 BUST: 84 WAIST: 62 HIPS:92

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