Lino is studying to become a doctor, pursuing his childhood dream. An athletic guy doing all kinds of sports and an old soul simultaneously, a modern poet writing his novels and poems. He loves all forms of art and the ideas consisting them, loves to travel, especially, where he can be close to the sea which inspires him. During the past few years he discovered his passion for styling and fashion in general, initiating from deciding on an outfit for a night out and the whole preparation process which makes him happy. This excitement developed to when he chooses what clothes to buy, he carefully selects them to be aesthetically pleasing, in perfect condition for his day to day needs, paying attention to how he dresses and styles different pieces together. His personal style can be characterized as edgy and daring blending vintage, classic and street wear elements. He likes to accessorize his outfits with all sorts of rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets. Lino is a dynamic, social and creative personality working with great persistence for anything he cares about and everything that challenges him.


HEIGHT: 1.91 BUST: 104 WAIST: 86 HIPS:101 SHOES: 46

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