Marilena is a ginger haired girl who was born and raised in Cyprus. She is an actress and a model. From a young age, she took part in theater workshops in Cyprus, as she has always been dreaming of becoming an actress. Since then she has also been taking contemporary dance and latin dance classes. She lived in Greece for 6 years while she was studying Acting and Political Sciences, and also working. As an actress, she took part in theatrical plays in Thessaloniki and also in children’s theater tours all over Greece. Also, she starred in two short films within the framework of Thessaloniki’s Film Festival. Her career in modeling and fashion industry started in 2019 when she walked for designers at the Athens Xclusive designers week. Since then, she has been working as a model for make-up artists, designers and photographers in Cyprus. 

Marilena is passionate about theater, literature, fashion, art and dancing. She is obsessed with her books as she finds peace while reading and gets inspired. She likes to combine art with social issues, politics and history. She believes that inspiration is everywhere as soon as someone is willing to see it. She finds beauty in everything and with her positive vibes and her humor, she transforms everything into art with her own style. From a young age, she was feeling different and now she embraces that, while she promotes body positivity and self-acceptance.


HEIGHT: 1.77 BUST: 82 WAIST: 60 HIPS:85 SHOES: 41-42

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