Thirdkiddo is an iconic and multi talented persona, exploring art and fashion as a stylist, performer, Clubkid and ceramic artist. He is currently based in Athens, while his work has been featured in various publications around the world such as: , Living, SICKY and Pressure to name a few. He began his styling career while working with InStyle magazine and later on with Feelgood Entertainment. His collaborations include brands such as Nike, Tommy Hilfinger and more. In 2019 he was the president of the Youth Jury of the first Athens Fashion Film Festival, while he also took part in catwalks at Madwalk over the years, while also collaborating with The XX in the promo video of their new album in 2017. Furthermore, he conquered the club scene in Greece as one of the most creative Clubkid performers, with residencies in clubs in Athens and abroad such as Soho House. As a ceramic artist as well, he took part in various art exhibitions.

/ Collaborations: DRESSX, Converse, Reebok among others.


HEIGHT: 1.82 BUST: 89 WAIST: 75 HIPS:95 SHOES: 43

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