Vinyl_Face studied Audio & Visual Arts at the University of Corfu which has allowed him to learn a lot about performance, fine Arts, photography, sculpture art, cinematography, acquainting him with a lot of tricks up his sleeve! A very educated, fashion savvy and opinioned individual with a great imagination and substantial creative capabilities such as creative direction, styling, photography aspiring to expand the language of each of those art forms experiment and blend them together to create a unique visual vocabulary.

He creates an environment, a story, a world through his work utilizing the outfits as a protagonist or guest stars in them, resulting in creating content that triggers your imagination towards everything and nothing at the same time. His aesthetics are stimulated and inspired from references such as biba’s 70’s glam world (the fairyland of gypsy girls with huge eyes and metallic shades on their chicks), he is fond of the ‘Belle époque’ in the early 20th century, especially the big hats, the white gloves, the feathers and the veils, the Art Nouveau architecture inspired by natural forms, such as the sinuous curves of plants and flowers. The fashion icons that influence his aesthetics are Kate Bush, Diana Vreland, Grace Codington , Vivian Westwood, Madonna, Annie Lenox, Lady Gaga, Mick Jagger, Billie Porte and of course David Bowie among others. As far as fashion designers, he loves Marc Jacobs, Galliano, Mugler, Lakis Gavalas and Alessandro Michele of Gucci. He cooperated with Ancient Greek sandals as a commercial photographer, as a creative director/ photographer and stylist for Muses Corfu luxury boutique, and as a stylist for Stund Studio, Daphne Valente, Stelios Koudounaris, Oof Wear among others while his work has been featured in Kein magazine among others.

His favorite hobby is styling and transforming his friends into iconic figures, divas, star quality personas exactly how he imagines them, experimenting also with a lot of techniques in digital photography, color combinations , layers etc. Vinylios is a genuine, unique and substantially talented individual!

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