Vasilis is a photographer whose work is narrative, following and capturing the sequence of a story as its evolving, almost cinematic, emphasizing the feelings, expressions along with postures, subject and fashion. He also works as a wedding photographer capturing moments at lovers’ most important day.

He is very passionate about his job and particularly interested in the aesthetics of beauty. He undertook many seminars and researched the subject extensively which led to a collaboration with Huawei and him giving a Masterclass on the matter. His devotion to detail allows him to fine-tune a well-defined, yet constantly evolving style, based on the elegance of shape and light, and their interaction resulting in distinguishing camera shots. Some of his collaborations include brands Kameλia, ZALXNDRA, Mara doro, ZafArtStories, Nima Knitting, Kleliaandrali, Clemente, Elbano Athens among others.

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