Maria’s passion for photography started at the age of 15 during high school, when she used her dad’s film camera to experiment, then decided to submit her pictures at a photography contest and she won second Pan Cyprian place; Of course the recognition she got had a tremendous motivational impact on her and her life aspirations. 

She studied Photography & New Media in Florence, at Academia Italiana and then she moved to London to work and simultaneously continue her education in Fashion Film and Styling in Editorials at Saint Martins. She has worked with established and promising Cypriot brands and has been featured in global digital magazines like Vogue IT, PAP, AXD, Schon, Flanelle and Contributor – only to name a few. 

In most of her work, deep contrasts and vibrant 70’s colors illuminate the unique faces of her models (sometimes amateurs she scouted herself) which results to dazzling images that capture the very essence of pride in being oneself, playfulness, self-assurance and can be considered somewhat provocative.

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