Prisca is an accomplished fashion and portrait photographer known for her distinctive style and ability to capture the essence of her subjects. She is a creative force driven by her passion for storytelling through visuals. Her work blends fashion and portraiture, resulting in captivating photographs that leave a lasting impression. Prisca’s dedication to her craft is evident in every shot she takes. She possesses a deep understanding of lighting techniques, which allows her to manipulate light and shadow to create visually stunning effects. She has a capacity for putting their subjects at ease, creating a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere during photoshoots. This ability to establish a connection with her subjects allows her to capture authentic and genuine moments, resulting in photographs that are both visually striking and emotionally resonant.

Having worked with a diverse range of clients such as Wma agency, Sony Label, ASOS, Amazon, Fila, Ellesse, Kippa Tree, Adidas, Weekday, River Island, Collusion, Fila, Nike, Ivy Park, New Balance, PRM model, Forte models, Wilhelmina Models, Pavart Gallery, Jewel.Lab, and Viajiyu.

Her work has graced the pages of publications such as Notion, Mmscene, Kaltbult, Fword_Magazine, Roidx Mag, Mob Journal, Huf magazine, Pause Online, The Flow House magazine, and she has pubblished Apnesya photographic book.

With an unwavering dedication to her craft and a commitment to creating art that resonates with her audience, Prisca Tozzi continues to push boundaries and inspire with her unique perspective.
In addition to her commercial work, Prisca is also passionate about personal projects that explore themes of identity, culture and environment. She continues to push boundaries and redefine the art of fashion and portrait photography.


Maria’s passion for photography started at the age of 15 during high school, when she used her dad’s film camera to experiment, then decided to submit her pictures at a photography contest and she won second Pan Cyprian place; Of course the recognition she got had a tremendous motivational impact on her and her life aspirations. 

She studied Photography & New Media in Florence, at Academia Italiana and then she moved to London to work and simultaneously continue her education in Fashion Film and Styling in Editorials at Saint Martins. She has worked with established and promising Cypriot brands and has been featured in global digital magazines like Vogue IT, PAP, AXD, Schon, Flanelle and Contributor – only to name a few. 

In most of her work, deep contrasts and vibrant 70’s colors illuminate the unique faces of her models (sometimes amateurs she scouted herself) which results to dazzling images that capture the very essence of pride in being oneself, playfulness, self-assurance and can be considered somewhat provocative.


A Cypriot native, Dre discovered his love for photography during his military service.  A few years down the line and with a degree in Photography & Videography by DMU in Leicester, Dre began his career as a professional photographer in 2017, mainly in the fashion scene.

Triggered and motivated by the different face expressions and behavior of people, he seeks to capture them, through his fashion imagery.
Dre is notorious for embodying a raw and dramatic twist to his work, provoking and creating controversy between the outward and inward characteristics of his models.


Petros Aronis is a visual artist specializing in photography and film, working between Athens and London. Petros is deeply influenced by theories of intersectionality and his work strives for equality and social unity. Petros offers a new perspective in fashion photography where concepts are the predominant aspect of his work. The clothes do not define his photographs but rather help him tell a story. Narrative driven works are influenced by his passion for film and filmmaking. His editorials have been published in magazines such as British Vogue, Dreck, Picton and online platforms like Kaltblut, Propaganda, and Pansy among others, while his video installations have been exhibited in cities like Glasgow and Prague.