We are a full-service agency, working with you every step of the way, envisioning, choreographing, consulting and taking care of branding, reputation, production for campaigns/ e-shop, SOME content creation, influencer marketing, digital advertising and public/network relations. We are here, so that your vision, aspirations and needs are not only met but also empowered. Our selective team of talents, personalities, characters, models, influencers create valuable and qualitative content that reflects modernism but also stands the test of time.

/ 360 degree account or project management.

We take care of all the aspects concerning your account or project, 360 degree consultation and management.

/ Influencer Marketing.

We manage exclusively a full roster of micro-, mid-tier, macro and celeb-tier influencer personalities and talents whose content, aesthetics and work make an impact in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel industry among others. We empower them to continuously grow in their own artistic way.

According to your needs we support you with the establishment of Influencer Relations & Marketing matching you with the perfect influencer personalities & talents that will build your brands identity, create awareness, strengthen your reputation/ equity, social media presence and boost sales.

/ Branding.

We advise you in all aspects of branding from communication strategy to tracking and strengthening your Performance Marketing. Furthermore, we manage the entire campaign process: creative strategy, briefing, personality/talent casting, execution and campaign performance reporting through amplification and a solid marketing strategy, taking care of your social media presence and Digital Advertising necessities.

/ Digital Marketing & Advertising / Social media management.

We analyze your positioning, audience, strategy, understand your vision, empower your goals and we tailor our services for your individual channels strengthening your brand’s visibility in current markets while exploring new ones.

From content strategy to influencer personalities & talents management, prepare to increase your reach through rapid follower growth, increase in engagement rate and brand awareness on your social media channels.

/ Consulting.

Are you looking to launch your brand, a new collection, a product, an event, establish influencer relations, manage your social media or create qualitative content etc? In any case, we are here and will be working closely with you consulting on any aspect or need you may have.

We advise on positioning, strategy, SEO, new markets, social media, e-commerce and performance marketing, optimizing all marketing tools and utilizing digital advertising to deliver the highest ROI and produce exceptional results for you to reach your aspirations.

In short services include:

/ 360 degree account or project management / Influencer Relations & Marketing / Personality & Talent Matchmaking / Campaign Amplification Marketing Strategy & Campaigns / Digital Management & Advertising / Branding / Public Relations & Reputation Management / Performance Marketing / Communication Strategy  / Social Media Management / Website Design & Development

Creative agency.

As a creative production agency we help brands create and broadcast unique content and captivating storytelling. We specialize in fashion, advertising, editorials and moving image production. We handle the entire campaign’s process: creative strategy, briefing, talent/ model casting, location research & scouting, production, execution, management, post-production and campaign reporting. Our creative agency services in short include:

Art direction / Styling / Creative Consultation & Direction/ Casting / Location Research & Scouting / Concept Development / Mood-boards / Production Handling & Execution/ Post- Production / Content Strategy & Creation / Photography (Look-books, E-shop, Campaigns, Editorial) / Moving image production (Videography) / Exclusive Representation of Content Creators (Talents, Personalities, Models, influencers and more) / Budgeting / Crew & Equipment hire / Campaign Management / Capturing street fashion

Personalities & Talents

We manage exclusively a selective roster of micro-, mid-tier, macro and celeb-tier influencer personalities, models and creative talents (Art directors, Photographers, Videographers, Stylists, Content Creators) who’s content, aesthetics and work make an impact in the fashion, beauty, lifestyle and travel industry among others. We empower them to continuously grow in their own artistic way. If you want to be represented and become a member of our community we will offer you the following services:

/ 360 degree representation & management / Personal Branding & Consultation / Management & Development / Network & Career development / Public & Business Relations   / Client Negotiations / Deals Management / Content, Social Media & Account Consultation