Noune Kazaryan born and raised in Athens, Greece with Armenian roots, is a very distinctive well known face and model. One that you see once and never forget, with charming eyes and stunning beauty. 

She loves to express herself through art and theater, which she recently explored through her first role, and was fascinated by the sense of freedom on stage. She describes herself as an artistic old soul and she enjoys drawing, dancing, visiting galleries and museums. Her love for French cinema is also embodied in her “french chic” personal style. Her interest in culture often leads her to travel and explore different countries and expand her horizons. 

She began modeling at a very young age and her love for fashion led her to take part in Greece’s Next Top Model 2018 Show, where she won first place. Since then she modeled in Milan and has participated in many runways at Fashion Weeks and Fashion Shows for designers such as Stelios Koudounaris, Zoulias, Deuxhomme, Mairi Mparola, Kathy Heyndels, Valtadoros, Reebok and more. Featured in magazines like Marie Claire GR, Achtung Mode DE and Instyle GR. Some of her collaborations with brands include: 

/Campaigns for: Ledom watches, Envie shoes, Meyia clothing, Jadevtales, Bloobox and Aboutyou,

/Collabs: H&M, Pull and Bear, Ideals of Sweden, Dust and Cream, Lancaster beauty, New Balance, Gucci beauty, Burberry beauty among others.

/TV Commercials: Dust and Cream

/Brand Ambassador: Ledom watches, Dust and Cream


Height: 177

Bust Size: 85

Waist Size: 60

Hips Size: 90

Shoe Size: 38.0

Eye Color: Green

Hair Color: Brown

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