Xanthi Tzerefou grew up in Piraeus, Greece where she was introduced to the world of fashion and modeling from a very young age, while she was taking part in theatrical games as a kid. 

The combination of her Renaissance-like beauty of fair skin, ginger hair and fun personality, have helped her to stand out from the crowd as a model and collaborate with various brands and publications. Some of them are: Vogue Greece, Athens Xclusive Designers Week, Nike, Adidas, Gap, Joe Koumentakou, Miltos Bakonikos, Zoulias, Colorproof, Mac Cosmetics, Dove, Champion, Always Platinum and more. 

Her friends call her Tzeri (cherry), as her signature beauty look includes red lips and cheeks. Her hobbies involve drawing, going to the theater and movies, working out with boxing and pilates and chilling with a book in her hands. Her personal style is a blend of chic-meets-comfort with some modern or classic twists and it’s directly linked with how she feels that day. She likes to follow the fashion trends but always by adjusting them to her own personal taste and style.


Height: 176

Bust Size: 86

Waist Size: 67

Hips Size: 94

Shoe Size: 40.0

Eye Color: Gray

Hair Color: Ginger

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